⚙️Creating Contests

This page guides you step by step through the process of creating a contest for your organization.

To create a new contest, navigate to your space page and select "new".

The contest builder page has various options for different contest setups. We'll walk through them one by one below. If you need a new feature send us a DM on twitter!

1. Contest Type (required)

Select either Standard or Twitter contest type.

  • Standard: Submitters respond to your prompt through Uplink.

  • Twitter: Submissions are posted as quote-replies to a contest announcement tweet from the users account (more on the announcement tweet later).

Select a category to best describe the type of contest you'd like to run. More specific categories help increase the discoverability of the contest.

2. Deadlines (required)

Select date and times for:

  • Start Date - when you will begin accepting submissions.

  • Voting - when voting begins.

  • End - when voting ends.

  • Token Snapshot - token checks for submitter restrictions and your voting policy will only accept holders before this time.

3. Prompt (required)

A call to action for your contest. What's it about?

  • Title

  • Cover image

  • Body

4. Voting Policy (required)

Who can vote, and how much voting power do they have?

A minimum of 1 voting policy is required for all contests. If multiple policies are applied, users that satisfy more than one policy will inherit the voting power for the policy that gives them the most voting power.

To add a policy:

  1. Select the Add Policy button

  2. Configure a token, either via quick add or manual add

  3. Configure the token strategy

There are 2 kinds of strategies that can be used to allocate voting power to users that satisfy you're token restriction: Arcade and Weighted.

  • Arcade: Configure a uniform voting power for all token holders

  • Weighted: Voting power is 1:1 to user token balance

5. Submitter Rewards (optional)

Define the winning submissions and the rewards they will receive. Start by adding a reward token by selecting Add Reward.

Next, define the winners and the token rewards they should receive.


  • Rank - 1st place, 2nd place, etc...

  • Payouts:

    • ETH/ERC20/ERC1155 Payout: Amount of tokens you will award this submission.

    • ERC721 Token ID: Token id of the NFT you will award this submission.

6. Voter Rewards (optional)

Voter rewards allow you to reward voters for accurately predicting the winning submissions (by voting on them).

** You should only apply voter rewards when the Visible Votes option of the Extras section is OFF

Voter reward tokens are added in the same fashion as submitter reward tokens. Once added, you can configure the payouts as follows:

Voters that accurately vote on the (rank) submission will split (payout).

Payouts for each rank are not split evenly amongst all voters. If a voter casts 10 votes on the first place submission, the calculation is as follows: voter A payout = (10 / submission total votes) * payout

7. Submitter Restrictions (optional)

Define assets users must hold to submit. Users satisfying at least ONE restriction will be eligible.

+ Add Reward with Quick Add or Manually add token


  • Threshold (Minimum amount of tokens a user must hold to submit)

8. Extras

Anonymous Submissions:

  • Toggle whether submitter's wallet addresses / ENS are visible before the contest has ended.

Visible Votes:

  • Toggle whether voting results are visible during the voting period.

Self Voting

  • Toggle whether submitters should be able to vote on themselves.

Submission Limit

  • Select 1, 2, 3, or unlimited entries per wallet

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